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The Patient Portal is just one more way we make managing your healthcare simpler. Now more than ever, technology is bringing doctors and patients closer together, and bridging the communication gap between providers and those we serve. Our goal is to ensure that parents always have the resources they need to make the best decisions regarding their child’s health and safety.  Using the Patient Portal is the quickest way to assure we respond to the needs of your family as promptly as possible. Backed by Intelichart® technology, you can use our secure portal to schedule well appointments, contact your provider, access your child's records, access your child's immunization records, and more online!

Access the patient portal on your desktop, or download the app for iPhone or Android using the below QR Code and connect with PHA with the tap of a finger!

If you need additional assistance check out these guides
"Quick Setup Guide" | "Quick Navigation Guide" | "How To Navigate User Guide"

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In order for you to receive access to your child’s information, you must first call our office and obtain a PIN (personal identification number).  This PIN is unique to each child’s profile.  We will provide this PIN to you over the phone, in person, via text, or email. Please do not misplace the PIN.

Mobile App - Apple                                                                                                                                                  Android - Mobile App

  1. Go to the patent portal website (Click on icon above)
  2. On the right side under “Need an account” click “Let’s get started”
  3. Enter the email address that we verified with you
  4. Make a password for the account and enter it in
  5. Click continue
  6. Enter in YOUR information, you the guardian
  7. Click on the option that says “My practice gave me a PIN for… A Child”
  8. Continue putting in YOUR information
  9. Click continue
  10. Enter in the child’s DOB and then the pin was given to you • This pin must be typed it cannot be copied/pasted
  11. If you have more than one child there is an “Add child button” • Do that for each child with their date of birth and pin
  12. Click on create my account to continue
  13. You are all done!

Every time you first login it will be on YOUR name. On the top right corner under “MY account” you will see a bubble with a letter in the middle. The first bubble is you the others after that is the child/children. Anytime you need something from a specific child ALWAYS click on their bubble name.

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