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If your child is going into Middle School or High School for the 2016-2017 school year and planning on participating in sports, cheer, drill team or band, they will need a form filled out by their Doctor.  Please keep in mind the following:

1.  We DO NOT have any of the school forms available at the office.  You or the student must recieve them from the school.

2.  Before arriving at your appintment for the sports physical, your portion of the form must be filled out

3.  When scheduling your well child appointment, please check with your school district to determine the earliest date allowed to be accepted for the next school year.

4.  Check with your insurance as most only allow 1 Well Child Visit per year.  If they have already had a Well visit there could be out of pocket charges for the visit.

5.  If you have had a Well Child Visit and just need a form signed, you can drop it off during normal business hours for the provider to sign. Please allow 24-48 hours for this process to be completed. Please make sure that your portion of the form is filled out COMPLETELY or the form will not be signed.

We have called and verified the earliest dates that the physical can be performed with the following school districts:

*McKinney ISD - After 04/01/2016
*Frisco ISD - After 05/01/2016
*Allen ISD - After 05/01/2016
*Anna ISD - No Date Indicated On Form
*Melissa ISD - No Date Indicated On Form

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